Civil Engineering

Case Studies

Pantyffynnon Station

Client: Crouch Waterfall
Type of Project: Electrical & Load Monitoring Survey
Value: £6K

The survey was to aid with the electrical design for the restoration and conservation of Pantyffynnon Railway Station.
A electrical survey including load monitoring was undertaken at the Pantyffynnon station. The DNO power supply to the station was measured and its magnitude recorded to allow assessment for future requirements.

RES installed measuring equipment (SPC Data Logger) to provide measurements/recordings and information to assess the power draw of the existing station.

The following information was attained from the survey;

  • Daily Profile Charts (kW, kVA, kVAr, Amps, Volts, Hz, PF) 
  • The existing distribution arrangement for the station giving board locations identifying references, sizes, number of ways cable connections between boards/equipment together with cable sizes and type. 
  • Details of the supply Earth Loop Impedance (ZE) 
  • Prospective Short Circuit Current (PSCI) at the main distribution point. 
  • Details of the station earthing arrangements. 
  • Details of the circuit charts for each of the boardsgiving cable sizes, numbers of points served and circuit references. 
  • Photographs of the distribution equipment 
  • Duct and containment route runs, including size, numberof used and spare ducts, draw pit locations and depths to cable routes. 
  • Earth loop and prospective short circuit current at the origin of the supply (measured at the time of the load monitoring). 
  • Existing MPAN or meter number