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Case Studies

New Cross Gate

Client: Balfour Beatty Rail
Type of Project: Platform 5 and Office Compound REB Installation Works
Value: £43K

The Thames link Area Project work scope involved LV REB installations which included new distribution cubicles, new/upgrade works to DNO cubicles and the installation of REB’S.  

There were a total of 3 REB line side installations. RES were tasked with;

  • Installation of new MEM switchgear in existing DNO cubicles
  • Installation of new stainless steel installation cubicles
  • Installation of concrete bases for all new cubicles being installed
  • Relocation of LV cables for distribution cubicles
  • Installation of new LVSWA cables for distribution cubicles
  • Inspection and testing of all new/existing cables corresponding to DNO and new distribution cubicles.