Civil Engineering

Case Studies

Merseyrail Overground

Client: SignallingSolutions 
Type of Project: Non-Intrusive Survey Works - Telecoms/Power
Value: £20K

At 51 sites (50 stations & 1 depot) cameras were identified as being only suitable for daytime operation; issues were identified with camera positions, pan/tilt/zoom mechanisms and general quality of some of the lenses and housings.  

A power survey was undertaken to establish if the existing equipment was applicable to current standards. Local voltage, earth loop impedance, prospective short circuit current and load readings were taken where necessary.

Telecoms surveys were also undertaken to ascertain the following:
  • Identify type of camera mounting for both existing and proposed
  • Monitors and supporting brackets used by the guards system at Brunswick. 
  • Proposed provision of two separate cameras for use by the guards to view the train doors
  • Image quality
  • Existing viewing angles
  • Whether existing bracketry can be utilised for the proposed new products
  • Positions of proposed cameras requiring transferring