load monitoring

Load Monitoring Experience

Railway Electrical Services provides signalling power load monitoring as well as load monitoring for LV power supplies for:

•Distribution Network Operator (DNO)
•Points Heating
•Junction Lighting
•Telecoms equipment

Signalling Power Load Monitoring

RES was contracted to undertake 7 Day load monitoring by Arup for a Signalling Power upgrade project at Wakefield.

The project works was to upgrade the 650v Feeders at Westgate and Kirkgate PSP’s.
RES installed seven-day load monitoring at the following locations:

•3 Westgate feeders, the relay room supply and the incoming DNO supply.
Feeder 2 – South Feeder
Feeder 3 – Kirkgate Feeder
Feeder 4 – Local Relay Room
Wakefield Westgate PSP DNO Supply

•3 Kirkgate feeders, the relay room supply and the incoming DNO supply.
Feeder 1 – Wakefield Kirkgate SCC Relay Room Feeder
Feeder 2 – Oakenshaw Feeder
Feeder 3 – 110V Auxiliary Supplies
Feeder 4 - Interface Feeder (G77.160 I/F)
Kirkgate PSP DNO Supply

The below table identifies the recordings of the monitoring equipment.


Measurement Value


Vrms (phase to phase, phase to neutral)Min/Max/Ave


Arms (all phases) Min/Max/Ave



Power Factor



W (VA, var) Min/Max/Ave

Time Period

7 Days

Sampling Rate

Maximum monitor is capable of

The monitoring equipment used was a Fluke 1736 power analyser, which was installed by a Skilled / Instructed operative at the locations identified above. The monitoring equipment were synchronised prior to installation to ensure accurate recording of results.

Upon completion of the monitoring a report was produced detailing evidence of the survey along with the survey data in exel format.