Crossrail Bonding

Crossrail Bonding Works

RES were contracted to carry out bonding works as part of the Crossrail project on WITI/OOCPA and WOE. Details of the works carried out at each site are shown below;

  • Pre works testing of existing E&P equipment to check compliance prior to any works on the equipment.
  • Surveys of cable size/ lengths to determine if any earthing works is need at each piece of equipment in accordance with PAN102.
  • Gapping 230v/400v cables, where necessary, and installing a direct connection from the equipment casing to the return screen conductor. Using Pfisterer RSCT connectors and 19/3.25 Aluminium cable.
  • Upgrading any cross bonds to handrails or extraneous metal work.
  • Installation of all the relevant labelling and warning notices. Such as gapping labels and safety electrical connection labels.
  • Post Upgrade test certification, including photo evidence of the works. Creation of an asset list (in the form of a spreadsheet) detailing all earthed equipment, location and links to photo evidence/test certificate.
  • Carrying out earthing changeovers at the Substation/DNO by installing red bonds from the RSC and Spider plates as per design.
  • Survey and bonding of extraneous equipment and metal work that falls within the OCLZ as required.

  • Carrying out Traction bonding following Bonding Design.
  • Installation of black and red bonds 19/3.25.
  • Track drilling and Cembre bush installation for connection of bonds to track.
  • Installation of cross track bonds.
  • Installation of Mast mounted spider plates and L brackets under the mast nuts.
  • Filling out of quality check sheets with phot evidence for handing back to the client for review.